Kの「欧州かっ!」 -3


Tarzan Kです。
あ、今月のTarzan(雑誌)、特集何かな、買おうかな・・・ って思ったそこのアナタに送りましょう。


Before I start to talk about congress....

I went to bouldering gym yesterday and I decided to start core training.
Why? Not only bouldering!
(Actually, it was fun for me and I almost addicted to do this!)

I guess it is related to improve my performance coz it is important to know how to use the body.
To support my body and keep concentration, exercise brings good influence for me. I think!

What do you think?






Even I want to write a lot of things about each concerts, I am going to show pictures I took and put a comment.
(It's not ALL concert I joined. I forgot to take a picture in some concerts...)


Quatuor B, from Japan.
Why "B"? Because, all of members' blood type... It sounds very Japanese, right?
And my teacher, Sumichika Arimura speaks French and then Japanese too.
Maybe this was first time to hear his French speaking in public...?

They played fun pieces such as Waltime travel.


Presentation of one handed saxophone.
I have seen this saxophone in HongKong, but this was very first time to see tenor!

Sax × ヘビメタみたいな組み合わせのコンサート。2曲やって後にやった方がギタリストと共演の。(写真)

Collaboration of Saxophone and bevy metal.
I never expected this two factors work together...(Without no microphones for saxophone!)

米国の最強の若手4人が集まったカルテット、とでも言いましょうか。Zzyzx Quartet.
いや〜やっぱ上手いっす。 そしてこのコンサートはもう1歩遅かったら入れなかった...セーフ!

Zzyzx Quartet!
Because too many people wanted to hear this, I could have missed...!
(But a kind person's help, I entered! Thank you so much!!)
And yeah, it was GREAT!! Each player has awesome technique and this quartet has great sound.
Especially I wanted to know how they practice for matching intonation and making start point.
(I dunno I can explain well or not in English though..)

Anyways, I really want them to come to Japan and have a concert!

 夜のコンサート。FIVE SAXのコンサートの前座?として登場した女性4人。

Before FIVE SAX's performance, four female players appeared to the stage and it was fantastic!!
Unfortunately I forgot to their name.. Anybody?? Know??

そしてそのFIVE SAX.

And, the FIVE SAX!!
Not only like this picture's acrobatic performance, they made audience LAUGH!!

一番沸いたのはF.Geissのコンチェルト(Tim McAllisterがソリスト)。

At the big hall..
Some of famous saxophonists (such as Vincent David, Quatuor HABANERA..) played contemporary pieces with orchestra.
I impressed every pieces. Especially Tim McAllister's one (Composed by F.Geiss). Lighting as well... ;)

Stephen Page(PianoはLiz Ames)によるJohn Mackeyのソプラノサクソフォンのコンチェルトのピアノリダクション。

John Mackey's soprano concerto played by Stephen Page, Alto player of Zzyzx Q.
This piano reduction version made by Liz Ames, pianist of this concert.
I really like this version especially piano part- it begin with scratch piano wires and it sounds gorgeous!

It already can buy! Ok, I am going to think where I play this...!


By using trams, I went to this place.
SQUILLANTE, from France, played orchestra pieces such as Polovtsian Dances composed by Borodin.
Although it is difficult to ensemble outside(because of whether, and can't hear other players' sound), they played sophisticated sound!
If they play in concert hall? I really want to hear one and if they come to Japan...?? Oh I'd love to hear!

Jacob TVのTicking Timeの初演。


World premier of Ticking Time, composed by Jacob TV.
Hajime Kuribayashi, presenter talks about Jacob TV and this piece and Jun-ichi Sato played the piece after presentation.
This piece, Ticking Time, was inspired by Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster and even now many victims are in Japan(especially Fukushima).
It is many difficult to show in Japan but I was happy to be there and saw this performance.

It was art. Javob TV is the artist.
Since I saw this performance, I like his pieces.

EURO 100.

EURO 100.
Youth saxophone students gathered from all of Europe and communal life(I dunno how many days), had rehearsals and play!
They played contemporary pieces with dance. Of course there's no score to see!
There are players and conductor.

I finally got why Europe people don't feel resistant for contemporary pieces and played well.

I am going to talk about this later.

同じくEURO 100の後半のプログラムは、サックスオケ+ソリスト。

EURO 100.
This stage was saxophone orchestra and soloist.
First one was Ryo Nakajima's playing. Bravoooo!!


At an another place. There is outdoor stage!
So many players play Jazz and Classic. Wow, really envy them and should I play another genre of music...?lol


Extra photos of 12th July!


Projection mapping @ cathedral.
Very beautiful but I can't understand the story of this projection mapping :P



I couldn't attend some concerts because already many people crowded in small space.
Everyone want to see same concert...? Haha.

Next day, 13th July is my performance day! How was it...? Please wait next article!